Permanent Record Folder

The District maintains a folder for each child with cumulative information such as registration materials, report cards,standardized test scores, teacher progress reports, school photos and correspondence. Parents may review these folders by making an appointment with the school principal.

Health Records

This file contains your child’s records of physicals, immunizations, screening results (vision, hearing, scoliosis), and medical notes regarding health related matters.

Literacy Portfolio

A literacy portfolio is a cumulative record of your child’s progress in language arts. As students move through the elementary grades, the portfolio is updated annually and passed to the next year’s teacher. It begins in kindergarten and continues through fifth grade. The literacy portfolio documents your child’s growth in reading and writing. It includes benchmark assessments administered during the year, standardized test results, and a yearly progress report.

In addition to other work samples, this information is shared during parent-teacher conferences held throughout the year.

Fitness Profile Folder

The Fitness Profile folder begins in first grade. It contains the results of the New York State Health-Related Physical Fitness Test administered at the end of each year. Areas of assessment include Cardio-respiratory Function, Flexibility, and Muscular Strength and Endurance. The results are available in the Physical Education Office and will be sent home once a year for parents’ review.