Transportation to and from school is provided for all Mount Pleasant students. All children will be picked up in the morning at the designated neighborhood bus stop and dropped off again in the afternoon. Third graders must be met at the bus. Parents of fourth and fifth graders are not required to meet the bus, but your child should know what to do and which neighbors to call upon if no one will be at home. Bus schedules will be posted on the District website over the summer. Parents with questions about bus schedules or any other bus-related matters should call Lisa Sanfilippo, Transportation Director, at 769-5500. 

You will probably wish to accompany your child to the bus stop during the beginning of each school year to see that bus stop behavior is orderly and safe. Parents should review the safe bus riding regulations with their child:

  • Be at the assigned bus stop five minutes before the assigned pick-up time so you will be ready when the bus arrives.
  • Respect the rights of nearby property owners and stand at the curb, not in the road.
  • Wait until the bus has stopped completely before entering or leaving. Enter and exit the bus in an orderly manner.
  • Choose a seat quickly and remain seated until the bus reaches a full stop at school or home.
  • Obey the bus driver who is in charge at all times and will report misbehavior to the school principal.
  • Be courteous to the driver and other passengers; disruption on the bus can cause accidents.
  • Eating or drinking is not permitted on the bus; leave food and drinks in a lunchbox or backpack.
  • Keep hands, head and feet inside the bus.
  • Never throw anything out of the bus windows.
  • Be alert to traffic as you get off the bus. Wait for the driver to signal you when crossing in front of the bus and walk ten feet in front of the bus so that you may be seen by the driver. Look both ways before crossing!


Students who receive one or more incident reports from a driver or supervising adult will be denied bus privileges for a minimum of one week. Serious infractions may result in immediate suspension from the bus for a period of time determined by the principal.