Punkin by Christine Cazes

Christine Cazes has been a reading specialist in the Mount Pleasant Central School District for nearly 20 years spending time at Westlake, Hawthorne and most recently Columbus.  A few years ago she took a trip up to Massachusetts to admire the fall foliage.  She noticed a prize winning pumpkin on the back of a truck.  It was the biggest pumpkin she had ever seen.  It inspired her to write a story about the life of a pumpkin, from seed to harvest to becoming a jack-o-lantern. 

While she wrote the story rather quickly, it sat in a file folder for quite some time.  It was while working with children in her small group classes last year that she decided to share it with them.  The children enthusiastically took to the story and encouraged her to turn it into a book.  Several months later, she decided to take their encouragement to heart and did the research to find a publisher.  She worked with Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Company (SBPRA) to turn her dream into a reality.  The result is a beautifully illustrated children's book called "Punkin".  Punkin’s biggest wish is to become the very best pumpkin on his hidden acre in the eastern orchard of Westorchid. With encouragement from his friends, Punkin is determined to be selected as the finest pumpkin at the Halloween Harvest Fair.

At a recent reading to the third graders in Mrs. Baldinucci's class at Columbus Elementary, the response was fantastic.  The children listened intently as Mrs. Cazes read her story.  Later, one studnet commented “Your book was so good. I liked it so much that I want to write my own book!”  Mrs. Cazes responded, "Honestly, that was the whole reason I did all this... I did it to share with the kids".  

You can find the book on Amazon.