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Moving Up 2023-Article, Video, Photos


     Our Columbus Wildcats lucked out with a picture perfect day for their moving up!

     The fifth grade, accompanied by their teachers and wearing handsome dark blue mortarboards to commemorate the occasion, processed out into the side field of Columbus to “Pomp and Circumstance.” Principal Mike Cunzio welcomed students and families. He then handed the mic to Superintendent Peter Giarrizo for some remarks.

     “I shared something similar with the second graders at Hawthorne yesterday: fifth graders, you're the Columbus Class of 2023, the WMS Class of 2026 and the WHS Class of 2030! I’m really proud of you. Thank you teachers and staff from the bottom of my heart.”

     The crowd broke into rounds and rounds of spontaneous applause.

     “You arrived at Columbus via Zoom in the middle of a pandemic. Connecting and building community was tough, but you did it! I have high hopes and aspirations for the deep, purposeful, fun learning which awaits you at WMS. Andy Rooney famously said, ““Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.” At Columbus you learned that you can make a difference. You can at WMS, too. We will always have your back. We look forward to watching you reach your potential, and giving you what you need to reach the best version of yourself.”

     Assistant Principal Theresa Outhouse added, ‘I have had the pleasure of watching you grow since you entered Hawthorne. You have learned the value of honesty, respect and hard work. Here is my advice to each of you as you leave Columbus: continue to work hard, persevere, ask for help, be humble, take and give compliments, smile, be courteous and respectful. You will always have a home at Columbus.”

     The last speaker before the Moving Up certificates were handed out was Principal Mike Cunzio, “The end of your time here is very different from the start. I’m glad we had the opportunity to have fun this year: 4th grade science test (you are the last class to roll golf balls across the ramp, last class ever to do that!), first class to have an end of the year trip to Playland, we celebrated your 1000th day of school since kindergarten, we had some ducks and even one chicken! You learned how to gather evidence to support your arguments - and I know for a fact you know how to argue.My wish for you is that you’ll boldly go where no other Columbus class before you has gone. Congratulations”

     Moving up certificates!

     WMS Principal Anthony Mungioli Mungioli closed the ceremony saying, “It was great to hear your voices sing today - I look forward to more of that next year! Now it is time to move your tassel to the other side! Congratulations Sixth Graders!”

5th Graders Move up