We teach best and we learn best when there are open channels of communication. It is extremely important that communication is open and ongoing between parents and teachers. Parents should feel comfortable calling the school with questions at any time. The following list highlights key elements of theongoing home-school communication system:

  • Columbus Elementary website:
  • Back-to-School Night in September provides an opportunity for parents to visit their child’s classroom, meet his/her teacher and listen to a presentation on the curriculum and daily schedule. Special area teachers are available to answer any questions.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences represent an important part of the reporting system in our District. In addition to the late fall conferences, you may meet with your child’s teacher at any time. You may initiate a conference by contacting your child’s teacher and making an appointment. If something happens which might affect your child, be sure to talk it over with the teacher. Communication between parents and teachers is very important to your child’s well-being.
  • Report Cards are prepared three times during the school year. Distribution dates are noted on the District calendar.
  • Celebration of Learning is hosted each winter/spring to invite the Columbus families to celebrate the achievements of the school year and delight in the children’s progress.
  • Friday Flyer is a bi-weekly email newsletter with information about upcoming events and school happenings. To sign up for the Friday Flyer, visit our website. Please be sure to read our Friday Flyer to keep up with “Columbus News.”


The school needs written parental notification or written permission in the following situations:

  • after a child is absent.
  • when a child is tardy.
  • when a child is to be dismissed early.
  • when someone else will pick up your child at school.
  • when your child has been invited to a friend’s house after school and needs to ride a different bus or         get off at a different stop.
  • when your child is to remain under the supervision of another designated adult/guardian; i.e., vacation, family emergency.
  • when your child should receive medication in school. In addition to written permission from the parent or guardian, a physician’s note stating medication dosage and frequency of administration is required. Please refer to the Nursing and Health Services web page for specific instructions and forms.
  • when your child is not to participate in physical education class or recess. If this will be for an extended time period, please contact the school nurse.