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We believe students should have a rich, well-balanced technology environment to maximize their learning.  Our vision is to provide students with real-world opportunities in technology.  We are committed to developing creative thinkers, effective communicators, collaborators, problem solvers and students who can critically evaluate information and media.

Technology Information

Meet Our Team

Kenneth  Amann
Director of Technology & Data
914-769-5500 Ext. 5110

Lisa Annunziata
Registrar & Team Secretary
914-769-5500 Ext. 5109

Derrick Gabel
Tech Support K-5
914-769-5500 Ext. 3950

Desmar Forrester
Tech Support 6-12
914-769-5500 Ext. 2952

Jessica Lynch 
Database Specialist 
914-769-5500 Ext. 1952

Courtney Whyte 
BOCES Tech Support (K–12)
914-769-5500 Ext. 2953