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The ArtsPerforming Arts

Students in Performing Arts classes at Columbus grow as performing, thinking, and feeling musicians. They have opportunities to play a variety of instruments, build musical skills at multiple levels and develop a sense of belonging through musical experiences. Students learn not only how to perform music, but how to appreciate a diverse range of styles and genres while responding meaningfully to performances by others. 3rd grade students begin their introduction to instrumental music through the recorder, while 4th and 5th graders may participate in our band program. All students get the opportunity for a choral experience, performing in both 4th and 5th grade as part of a grade-wide chorus. As students progress through the program they are encouraged to try many different forms of musical expression in order to begin developing a sense of musical identity.

Visual Arts

The Columbus Art Studio is a safe, productive space where all children are creators with different strengths. Together we play, think, learn, make mistakes, practice, create, share, and understand that there are many, many ways to make art. Besides exploring a variety of art materials, techniques, tools, and processes, we are building lifelong skills, problem solving, and confidence. Art time is a special combination of comfort and challenge where students are exposed to culture, artists, and endless outcomes. With technology in hand 24/7, fine motor skills and imaginations are on the back burner. The art room is a place to bring those front and center. Creative thinking is one of the key skills needed in every job. Columbus students are learning how to be flexible, resilient, and accepting of others while using their brains, hands, and hearts at the same time. After three years, our learners know that Art is a friend to lean on anytime they need to express themselves. Art matters and visual literacy and innovation are essential in our ever changing world. All are welcome in our happy place!