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Fifth Grade - The Road to WMS

Welcome to fifth grade! In our final year at Columbus, we become role models for school, thinking critically across the curriculum. Students change classrooms and teachers throughout the day which prepares them for the transition to middle school at the end of the year.  They have a teacher for Math, Science, and Social Studies and then a different English and Language Arts teacher. 

Your fifth grader is engaged in a broad range of literacy skills to help them understand text. In reading, students will respond to text and use a variety of comprehension strategies to make meaning of literary and informational texts.   Writers will use what they know about writing a structured paragraph with topic sentences and details to write essays.  Mentor texts will be utilized to help learn how writers work and to write biographies and memoirs. Fifth graders have shown tremendous growth over their years at Columbus Elementary and they enjoy a bit more independence in their day.   

Fifth graders engage in more complex math which is built upon the foundation of the previous elementary math years.  Students dive deeper into fractions, decimals, and measurement through class lessons as well as engaging in math games and activities.  Supplemental digital resources that are used in math class are Xtramath, IXL, and Zearn.

The science curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Students' learning focuses on matter and energy as well as earth and sky observations.  Students will develop and use models to describe phenomena in these areas of study.  They will analyze and interpret data to find patterns and compare similarities and differences throughout their investigations.

The Social Studies curriculum in fifth grade includes the history and geography of The Western Hemisphere. Students will enjoy engaging in lessons about Geography, Government, and Economy.