If your child is going to be absent, you can email the school at or call the Nurse's Office, 769-8537.

If your child needs a bus pass, you can email the school at or you can continue to send a written note to your child's teacher.

The 2020-21 School Calendar 

The 2019-20 School Calendar

By wearing a particular color one Friday each month, students and staff will be participating in the Colored in Character Initiative. They are taking a stand to recognize the importance of showing good character at all times. On Friday, March 6, all students and staff should wear GREEN to show RESPONSIBILITY. Let’s show we know how to make good choices, even when no one is looking!

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  • Day 6B

    HES / CES Number Days
  • Day 7C

    HES / CES Number Days
  • Day 1D

    HES / CES Number Days
  • Day 2E

    HES / CES Number Days
  • Elem. PTA Father-Daughter dance

    2019-20 CES Group Calendar
  • Day 3F

    HES / CES Number Days
  • CES 4th Grade Recital at Columbus

    2019-20 CES Group Calendar
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Columbus Elementary School values the unique abilities and talents of each child.  We are committed to building self-esteem, enhancing creativity and individuality, and developing healthy lifestyles. In cooperation with parents and community, the staff establishes high expectations for all students as the standard and provides a safe, nurturing environment where our students have the opportunity to become productive, knowledgeable, and responsible citizens.